Case Study: Our Findings


Aquavitrum technology adds value to the MRF glass recycling stream.

Once contaminated MRF glass has been processed by the Aquavitrum Separator, it is clean enough to pass through a glass re-processor for colour sorting.  The quality of the feedstock after the Aquavitrum Separator has processed it actually enhances the efficacy of a glass re-processor.

The Aquavitrum Separator can successfully clean highly contaminated MRF glass (below input specification) to a standard higher than a typical bottle bank feedstock.

It achieves this without breaking glass particles (hence improving the capability of a glass re-processor) and therefore retains a higher value for the end product.

RDF (paper and plastics):

The extracted contaminants (RDF) contain on average 0.01% glass; equating to around 5 grams of glass loss per tonne of MRF glass processed.

Once the RDF is pressed to extract any remaining water it can be used as a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in an Energy from Waste (EfW) plant.


A by-product of separating MRF glass from paper and plastic contaminants is organic matter.  This “sludge” can be de-watered and compressed into stackable blocks.

During research and development the Aquavitrum Separator processed MRF glass from a broad spectrum of samples.  For each of these feedstocks we have carried out biomethane potential (BMP) tests; all indicating the suitability of these “sludge cakes” for land restoration and anaerobic digestion.

Grit glass:

If a feedstock contains glass particles smaller than 1.5mm a grit glass fraction is produced.  Once cleaned by the Aquavitrum Separator this grit can be extracted for use in the manufacturing of fibreglass insulation and building materials, or in water filtration.

  • Contamination reduced from 7% to 0.6%
  • 92% Seperation efficiency
  • 99.4% purtiy to a reprocessor
  • Clean glass providing performance improvments for upstream processing

The contamination analysis bar chart provides a breakdown of the contamination levels in the feedstock and recovered glass.